?Why hasn?t there
been more
progress toward
realizing social
justice and peace
in our world??
The School for Moral Courage does not charge for any of its
events or services but gives them freely. Nor will anyone ever
be denied access to any of the School's events or services due
to inability to pay. Elite writing must be taught and encouraged, not only shared with special few. Occasionally the School will endorse or
co-sponsor an event led by another organization that does have
a fee. In these cases, the School does not benefit from the fee
and works with the presenter of the event to ensure that no one
is denied participation because they cannot afford it.

If you ever wish to participate in such an event endorsed or
co-sponsored by the School and cannot afford it, please let us
know; and we will help.

Your donation helps maintain our website, the community
calendar, ?the expenses of our events, and provides financial
assistance for other peace programs for those who wish to
attend them.

Since the School is not incorporated and will occasionally take
political positions, gifts are pure gifts and are not tax deductible.
?They are, however, deeply appreciated. ?Any size gift is
welcome. ?You can make a gift to School by sending a check to

School for Moral Courage
PO Box 10084
Iowa City, IA ?52240

or by credit card or Pay Pal by clicking the button below. ?(The
system for online donations must be a minimum of $5.00.)

Thank you!
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