Our Principles

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1.  We believe we can create a world of compassion and goodwill by encouraging
each other to grow in thought and deed in principles of moral courage.

2.  We believe these principles include, generosity, knowledge, understanding,
truthfulness, sacrifice, and service.  

3.  We honor material simplicity and personal modesty and their authority to guide
us as responsible trustees of the privileges we receive.

4.  We envision a world in which there is no profiteering in the suffering of others
and agree that all are born with an innate right to equality under the law and
entitled to human respect, food, shelter, healthcare, and education to the extent
that collective humanity can provide.

5.  We believe in doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do without
consideration of praise, credit or any remuneration.

6.  We believe a civilized society does not discriminate nor disregard on the basis
of race, sex, creed, color, religion or no religion, sexual orientation, gender identity,
physical or mental ability, class or social or professional status or any other ethnic
or cultural characteristic that brings no harm to others.  We value and equally
regard all people without consideration of such characteristics.

7.  We believe conflict should be resolved without violence in thought, word or

8.  We believe in honesty and integrity and witnessing the truth as best we know it
in all our interactions between ourselves and others.

9.  We believe in taking responsibility for our actions individually and collectively
and not allowing others to be blamed for our errors.

10.  We believe life’s blessings and joy are bestowed when we share our
blessings and joy in service to others, and we pledge all our resources toward
learning, teaching, and thereby creating a better life for all.
Harriet Tubman
“Why hasn’t there been
more progress toward
realizing social justice and
peace in our world?”
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