"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of
    men."                                                                        A. Lincoln

    Garry Kleinis a constant inspiration in the Johnson County Community. His advice
    and counsel to the School is invaluable.  Make sure to frequently check out his blog
    Popular Progressive - Putting People First.

    Dave Lambertis a co-founder of Fort Wayne Peace Action in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  
    (MonaShaw was another founding member of the group when she lived there in
    2002.) Dave is a principle publisher ofFort Wayne's,The Agitator.

    Jack Stratonis a leading social scientist committed to social change.  Moreabout
    Jack and his  editorial contribution to SFMC.

    Tom Walzis a member of the original group that led to the founding of the School
    for Moral Courage.  Tom teaches Ghandian principles.  Along with his knowledgeof
    Ghandi, Tom is well-known for foundingUptown Bill's Small Mall,a collection of
    shops owned and operated by people with disabilities.  Uptown Bill's is namedfor
    Bill Sacker, an amazingly gifted man who was a good friend to Tom and aresident
    of Iowa City, Iowa, following 45 of commitment in a mental institution inMinnesota.