“Why hasn’t there been more
progress toward realizing
social justice and peace in our
Moral Courage Classes

Moral Courage classes take place in a relaxed and encouraging environment.
 Classes include the fundamentals of moral courage, how to know right from
wrong, and the teachings of leaders like Ghandi, Douglass, Tubman, and
others.  Classes also provide an opportunity for social justice activists to
support and encourage each other in their work.  Classes are open-ended
and participants may attend any or all classes.  Drop-ins are welcome.  There
is no fee for the classes but a free-will offering is taken.

New classes begin in late October and will soon be announced.

Moral Courage Intensives

Intensive workshops in Moral Courage are offered throughout the year for
those wanting a deeper experience in their knowledge of moral courage
principles, the history of social justice movements, and improvement in their
service skills.

Political Initiatives

SFMC participates in several social justice initiatives as well as serves as a
clearing house and an entry point for service in other social justice

Freedom Train

The Freedom Train is a public outreach program that takes our message into
communities throughout Iowa and the United States.  We conduct town hall
meetings and public forums that educate the public about current political
realities and provide meaningful and realistic ways to become involved.

Corporate and Consumer Accountability

SFMC maintains a list of consumer goods that are not manufactured by child,
slave, or prison labor.  We also track corporate abuse and ways to make sure
our purchases support peace and justice.
Our Programs
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