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Eleven Arrested in
CR 2/26


Lecture by Kathy Kelly
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Tuesday, April 24, 4:30 p.m.
Peace Center, Iowa City
Old Brick, first floor
26 E. Market St.

The eleven people who were arrested for trespassing, while
protesting the Iraq War in Sen. Charles Grassley's office on February
26, will hold a press conference on April 24, at 4:20 p.m. at the Iowa
City Peace Center. ?The group faces trial on April 25 in Linn County.

Those arrested were:

Frank Cordaro, Des Moines
Joshua Casteel, Iowa City
John Paul Hornbeck, Iowa City
David Goodner, Iowa City
Timothy Gauger, Iowa City
Megan Felt, Iowa City
Conor Murphy, Iowa City
Ryan Merz, Iowa City
Justin Riley, Iowa City
Rosemary Persaud, Iowa City
Andrew Alemao, Iowa City

Immediately following the press conference a lecture will be
presented by well-known activist Kathy Kelly. ?Kelly is a founder of
Voices for Creative Nonviolence in Chicago the
principle organizer of the Occupation Project

Kelly has been twice-nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize ?and in 1990
was fined in federal court more than $200,000 for sending medical
supplies to Iraq in violation of U.S. sanctions during the 1990s.

For More Info Contact:
Megan Felt

Attorney Mary Wolfe
[email protected]

Press Stories on CR 11 the day the were arrested. ?

Kathy Kelly

Biography for Kathy Kelly

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