School of Americas Watch (SOAW) Fundraiser

    Monday, October 23, 2006 at Thai Flavors, 340 East Burlington
    Street, Iowa City; sponsored by JPOG (a group affiliated with
    Mennonites and others in SE Iowa focused on justice and
    peacemaking activities).

    JPOG will use the fundraiser to provide some financial assistance to
    those who want to attend the School of the Americas protest in
    Columbus, Georgia, on November 17-19, 2006. JPOG also wants to
    raise awareness about School of Americas Watch so there will be a
    poster displayed with photos from the trip last year, information
    cards about JPOG and SOAW on the tables, and a sign-up sheet to
    receive e-mails about either group.

    Thai Flavors (319-339-8900) is a friendly, casual restaurant located
    in downtown Iowa City at 340 E. Burlington St (between Linn &
    Gilbert Sts.). The SOAW fundraiser (20%) will be on Monday,
    October 23rd, during both lunch (11am-2 pm) and dinner (5-9 pm)
    periods, takeout or dining in. (Call ahead if you are coming with a
    large group and they will try to accommodate.)

    The lunch buffet (vegetarian) and lunch entrees are $5-7; most
    dinner entrees are $6-9. The menu also includes delicious
    appetizers, soups, salads, specialty drinks, and desserts (save
    room for sweet rice with mangos!). Portions are generous with a
    variety of flavors ranging from very mild to hot and spicy. There is a
    metered parking lot 1 block east at the Recreation Center at
    Burlington & Gilbert Sts; parking is free after 5 pm.

    Contact:  Lee Mickey