Just Peace Outreach Group
We are a group of mostly Mennonite Christians who meet every
month or two to focus on peace concerns from a Christian point
of view. ?(We also have a few Catholics and Lutherans). ?The
Mennonite Church is one of ?the ?historic peace churches? that
has maintained for more than four hundred the belief that war is
wrong. ?

The ?Just Peace? part of our name is to contrast with the
common ?Just War? ideas. ?The ?Outreach? part is intended to
indicate our interest to reach beyond our own group of Christian
peace activitists.

Our meetings are very informal and range in attendance from 6
to 30. ?We meet in various places, usually in Mennonite
Churches around Washington, Kalona, or Iowa City. ?We don?t
have a website, a budget, or 501c3 non-profit status. ?What we
DO have is a small group of peace activists AND an email list.

Contact person: ?Roger Farmer
?????????????????2830 Coppock Road
?????????????????Washington, Iowa 52353
?????????????????319-653-2547. ??
Our next JPOG meeting is scheduled for
SATURDAY evening, September 8, 2007,
at Kalona Mennonite Church, 902 6th
Street, Kalona, Iowa 52247. ?As usual, we
will have our finger foods potluck at 6 pm
and our program at 7 pm. ?Our program will
be a presentation by the Mennonite
Church Peace/Justice Support Network
Leadership Team (website: