Thiseventsinvites your participation in the exciting
    development of a new retail store dedicated to a mission of helping
    others.  You may be acquainted with the current store, Crowded Closet,
    located at 1213 S. Gilbert Court, Iowa City, that contains an
    International Gift Shoppe selling crafts and products created by
    economically disadvantaged artisans in developing countries around the
    world.  This endeavor provides vital and in some cases critical income
    for the international friends who create them.  One of the primary
    importers/suppliers is a non-profit called Ten Thousand Villages.
    Their work ensures that communities have the support and funds
    necessary to create successful and productive cooperatives around the

    The Crowded Closet board has decided to expand its vision and support
    the development of an independent Ten Thousand Villages store located
    in a high traffic area suitable for a gift retail business.  The board
    recognizes the potential for increased sales of the beautifully
    handcrafted products if located in the appropriate retail environment.
    A nationally recognized name, Ten Thousand Villages, ensures an
    expanded marketplace for the people it serves as well as many exciting
    opportunities to increase awareness of the Fair Trade movement,
    provide educational resources, and more.  Find out more at

    The first step in this process is to develop a start-up group of
    people with retail, business, marketing, financial and organizational
    skills combined with a passion for making a difference in the lives of
    people needing a helping hand.  We invite you to attend an
    informational and exploratory meeting on October 4, at First Mennonite
    Church, 405 Myrtle Ave., IC with Donna Duerksen, Regional Sales
    Manager of Ten Thousand Villages.  There are two meeting time options,
    a brown bag luncheon meeting at 12 noon or 6:30 PM.  Parking is
    available at the rear of the church which is located up the hill off
    Riverside Drive on Myrtle Ave.  A RSVP is appreciated but not
    essential.  Please feel free to pass this invitation along to others
    who might be interested.

    Thank-you for giving this important venture consideration and support!

    Erma Edwards
    Crowded Closet Board Liaison