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I am willing to help with outreach and literature drops
to especially vulnerable populations including people
of color and low income people.
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Most of the expense of local antiwar
and outreach activities have come
from passing the hat between the
organizers and a handful of generous
donors. ?We need more help.

You can make a donation online by
clicking the button below through the
PayPal online system. ?You can use
your VISA/Mastercard credit or debit
card with this system. A minimum $5.00
donation is required for this system.

100% of the donations made with this
button will be used for antiwar and
vulnerable populations outreach
activities and will be used for Iowa area

Because these funds are used to
affect political action, they are not

Please help, if you can, by clicking the
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Checks may also be sent by mail to:
School for Moral Courage
PO Box 10084
Iowa City, IA ?52240
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