Michael Palacek
Author reading

Sunday, April 15, 2007, 3:30pm
Iowa City Public Library, Room A

Iowa author, Mike Palecek, has spent time in several federal prisons
and county jails in the Midwest for resistance to the United States
military. He is also a former Catholic seminarian, small-town newspaper
reporter, and was the Iowa Democratic Party nominee for the U.S.
House of Representatives, 5th District, in the 2000 election.

At this reading, he will read from his new novel,
The American Dream, a
political satire about a an average Midwestern man whose appearance
on a game show leads to an improbable accident that leaves him
accused of being a ringleader of terrorist activities.

More about The American Dream.

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Co-sponsored by the Johnson County Green Party and the School for
Moral Courage.
"Mike Palecek writes with passion, wit, and
always with a profound social conscienc
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