"Lives for Sale" <www.livesforsale.com> is a one-hour investigative documentary that
exposes the painful, rarely seen human side of illegal immigration including the growing
black market trade in human beings. Human trafficking is the world's third most lucrative
illegal commercial activity, generating an estimated $8 billion/year in profit. An estimated
27 million people are living in slavery around the world today. This film was created by
Maryknoll Productions, a division of the Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America.
This program was an optional Public TV program until
JPOG member Roger Farmer
petitioned the station to schedule it. I heard about the show and asked Channel 12 to
schedule it and they did. ?If you see it and like it, please send Elizabeth Williams a thank
you note for this showing at

8 p.m. Iowa Public Television Channel 12 (Iowa City Mediacom, channel 13)