The Iowa Economic Justice Union
(IEJU) is now forming. ?IEJU will bring together those who
are directly affected by economic injustice in the state of
Iowa in particular and in the United States in general. ?IEJU
will be led by those who are actually affected by these
injustices, including but not limited to:

The mission of IEJU is to empower these people to lead
and have authority over their own struggle for economic
justice. ?We will examine, expose, and confront policies and
institutions of injustice in social expressions and barriers
including race, class bigotry, sex, age, physical or mental
disability, mistreatment of immigrants, labor protections for
workers, and welfare and public assistance rights.

IEJU will also grade public service agencies and other
helping organizations according to several categories such
as timeliness, helpfulness, and respectful treatment of their
clients. ?Grades will be determined by members of IEJU. ?

The first meeting will be announced soon.

Children are always welcome, and we'll find something for
them to do.

Allies and others who care about economic injustice but are
not directly affected by it are welcome to attend this
meeting, but cannot be voting members.

For more information: email
[email protected]

or phone: 319-621-4646
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