GI Rights Hotline workshop

This workshop will occur on Saturday, February 10, 2007, from 9 am to 5
pm including lunch at Crooked Creek Christian Camp located 3 miles
south of Washington, Iowa. Registration Fee: $50

The GI Rights Hotline workshop explains the issues and procedures
involved in setting up and operating a GI Rights Hotline volunteer group.
The GI Rights Hotline is an 800 number that is answered by volunteer
groups around the country. The purpose of the Hotline is to provide
independent, unbiased and accurate information to active duty military
persons about their rights under US law. When legal problems occur,
many members of the military are poorly informed and in distress about
their various legal options. About 40% of the calls to the Hotline are
related to issues surrounding AWOL (Absent Without Leave) or UA
(Unauthorized Absence). Another 10% regard the high school Delayed
Entry Program. Less than 10% deal with Conscientious Objection
(unfortunately!!). There are about 3000 calls to the GI Rights Hotline
each month so there is a strong need for this service. The workshop will
include an examination of common questions and problems raised by
military personnel as well resources for responding to these questions.
More information about the GI Rights Hotline can be found at:

The workshop instructor will be J.E. McNeil. J. E. McNeil is ?the Executive
Director of the Center on Conscience & War in Washington, D.C. She has
been a practicing attorney for twenty-five years, a substantial portion of
which has been devoted to representing
conscientious objectors. For more information, visit:

To view a registration form online, please visit