Creating a Culture of Peace
April 28-29, 2007
Iowa City, IA

Location: Old Brick Church (26 E. Market St. Iowa City, IA.)
A weekend workshop to explore and experiment with the practice of
active and creative nonviolence. To nourish the vision and power of
nonviolence through:

  • Reflecting on personal stories
  • Readings from nonviolence theory and practice (Gandhi, Martin
    Luther King, Jr., others)
  • Studying historical and contemporary examples of nonviolent action
  • Integrating our spirituality with the struggle for peace, justice and
    the welfare of all,

The curriculum of the peace education program was developed by the
interfaith organization, Fellowship of Reconciliation.

Local Organizer: Ken Beidler
Pastor, First Mennonite Church
Office (319) 338-0302, Home (319) 338-2318

Note:  Registration information and schedule will be posted on this web-
site by March 1

Sponsors:  First Mennonite Church (Iowa City), Iowa City Peace Center,
Cedars Falls Peace Center, School for Moral Courage
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