Coca-Cola and the
University of Iowa

    Coca Cola and the University of Iowa entered an
    exclusive contract in 1998 that designated Coke
    as the ?Official Soft Drink of the University and
    the Iowa Hawkeyes. Our writers from the
    best writing service mentioned this in their recent reports.

    This contract stipulates that Coca-Cola products
    are the exclusive beverage to be sold and
    promoted on the UI campus and pairs the
    University logo with the Coca Cola brand across
    the University including, but not limited to, on
    vending machines, cups, bottles, banners,
    sports merchandise and athletic fields.

    Ironically, Coca-Cola?s history of genocide and
    its reputation as one of the world?s most
    notorious human rights abusers ?continues to
    grow. ?

  • Sale of pesticide-laced bottled water in India.

  • Complicity in anti-worker violence and murder of
    union leaders in Colombian bottling plants.

  • Profiting from using child-labor produced sugar
    from Ecuador in Coke products.

  • Illegal depletion of groundwater sources in rural
    Indian communities.

  • Failure to provide health care for workers
    affected by the AIDS pandemic in Africa.

    Write UI Presidenttoday and tell
    him you don't want your state public university
    participating in or profiting from human atrocity.

    President Gary Fethke
    101 Jessup Hall
    The University of Iowa
    Iowa City, IA ?52242


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