Building the
Antiwar Movement
with Aaron Hughes and
Barry Romo

Saturday, February 17, ?5pm
Iowa City Public Library, Room A

This event is sponsored by
??????????????????????????????????????Iowans for Peace,
??????????????????Muslim Students Association,
????????????????People for Justice in Palestine,
????????????????????????School for Moral Courage,
???????????????????????????????UI AntiWar Committee,
???????????????????????????UI Student Government,
?????????????????????and War Resister's League-
???????????????????????????????????????Iowa City chapter.

This event is paid for in part by the University of
Iowa Student Government.

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Jane Fonda and Barry Romo at October 2006 showing of Sir! No Sir!
Aaron Hughes served three tours in Iraq with the 1244th
Transportation Company, Army National Guard as combat
support personnel. ?As an artist, his work is currently on display
at the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum. ?More on Aaron's
work can be found at ?

Barry Romo is a former army infantry lieutenant who served
in Vietnam from 1967-1968. ?As a leading member of ?
Veterans Against the War (VVAW), Barry has been active in
highlighting the increasing militarization of education in the US,
and the dangerous effects of Agent Orange and depleted
uranium on veterans of the Vietnam and Iraq wars and the
people of those countries.

This event draws on the experiences of two veterans to help
inform and bolster current efforts at ending the Iraq war. ?The
role of veteran-activists is generally downplayed in the media,
despite the crucial role that veterans and active-duty personnel
play in mobilizing opposition to war. ?This forum will highlight the
challenges and victories won by the antiwar movement during the
Vietnam war era, the role of veteran/active duty-led organizations
in supporting and bolstering antiwar sentiment; the current
challenges facing the antiwar movement today, how civilians can
best support returning veterans who oppose the war, and vice
versa; and concrete strategies and tactics for mobilizing antiwar
sentiment into action.

VVAW runs a confidential military counseling service for
veterans/active duty enlistees of any era. ?Contact Ray Parrish of
VVAW at (773) 561-VVAW or e-mail Ray at